A New Album From David Gilmour?

David Gilmour White StratSince 2011 there have been rumors floating around about the possibility of a new David Gilmour album in 2013 (or later). Evidence to support the rumor is circumstantial at best, but putting all the pieces together there may be a faint glimmer of hope.

This rumor was born out of another rumor – interesting, eh? Apparently there was speculation that the surviving members of Pink Floyd would reunite for the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. There was rapid response from spokespeople for both Pink Floyd and David Gilmour ensuring that this was not going to happen and that any speculation on the matter was purely unsubstantiated rumor. In turn, there were rumors that Gilmour may join Roger Waters during his 2013 tour of The Wall, as he did in 2011 (appearing for a single show at London’s O2 Arena to play Comfortably Numb and Outside the Wall). Again, David’s spokesperson took aim stating that “This is all simply not true, Roger Waters Tour is in full swing this summer with more shows expected to be released for August in North America, and David Gilmour is working on a new album to possibly be toured in late 2012-2013. These sorts of rumors are spread about like mad every few months and it really disrupts the band members focus on there current projects.”

Ouch, shot down again. But wait… did he say that David is working on a new album? Yes, he did. To be toured in late 2012-2013, which puts us still in range of that particular confidence interval. However, since that statement back in early 2012 there has been no further discussion on the topic of a new Gilmour album.

We can be assured that David has been keeping in practice and doing some studio work. He recently played on two tracks (Me Oh My and Song of the Siren) on Bryan Ferry’s new album Olympia, which was released in late 2010. But, these kind of appearances do not necessarily mean that he is active. A comment from Roger Waters late last year stated “I think by and large David is retired.” A discouraging note, but given that David and Roger are not likely keeping up with each other, this statement may not be as final as it sounds.

EA New Gilmour Order Jan 2013

Cables made for David Gilmour’s recording studio in 2013. Image from Evidence Audio’s Facebook post from January 16, 2013.

Moreover, there was some recent and promising evidence that David is working on something. Earlier this year, Evidence Audio completed a relatively large order for David’s studio, which included guitar, speaker cabinet, and rack/effects cables.

Busy week with some finishing touches for David Gilmour’s studio. Another reel of Lyric HG and some send/return/rack/tray cables to tie things together. If he records it – it will travel through this.” – Evidence Audio Facebook post, January 16, 2013.

Is this a substantial piece of evidence (no pun intended)? Maybe, maybe not. David could be updating the studio to allow for another group to record. Gilmour has been known to produce and work on albums with other bands (e.g., he produced Dream Academy back in the 80s, and played on and recorded much of The Orb’s album on Astoria). I want to believe that this is a good sign, though. Other unsubstantiated reports have been made on the Neptune Pink Floyd Blog (Jan, 2012) stating that Polly (David’s wife and co-writer of many Division Bell lyrics) reported in an interview (though I have been unable to find this interview) that they had been going through demos and selecting songs for the next album. Another Neptune post reports second hand information from the Pink Floyd RoIO site stating that “According to information I had thanks to a French friend from the PF French forum, Gilmour is currently recording is new solo album in the South of France. Phil Manzanera is involved, as well as drummer Claude Salmieri,” and that David may be recording at the Studios La Fabrique in Saint-Rémy de Provence in France (Neptune Pink Floyd, 2012). However, I have been unable to locate any primary sources that corroborate these statements.

Ultimately, I am very hopeful. Unfortunately, that is all we have for now.. hope. We the Pink Floyd fan community will continue to keep our eyes out for the latest news. Until then, Shine On, my friends.

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  1. Hello my name is Penny. The past two years of my life I’ve fallen in love with Pink Floyd! Understanding the lyrics to every song! I can’t pick a favorite but find myself stuck on Lost For Words by David himself on Division Bell. I felt it really hit me hard as I lived his lyrics! Also Coming Back to Life! Anyway I really hope David does a tour soon I’m trying my best to find a way to meet Mr David in person! He is on my bucket list! Thank you for taking the time to read this and would really like you to reply to my message.
    Penny Fraelic

    [ Hi Penny! Welcome to the site, I hope you find it fun and useful as you continue to discover more about Pink Floyd! The music does have a lot of meaning and I really do believe that there is something in their discography that will speak to everyone. Although I am a fan of all the members as well as the band as a whole, I have to admit that David is my personal favorite for so many reasons. I hope to catch up with some of the site fans at a Gilmour concert someday soon!

    Anyway, thank you for the comment. Please feel free to look around on the site and ask any questions. I also have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page as part of this site, cool stuff there as well! Cheers! -SOF]

    • This would be a dream come true, I have been a Floyd fan for decades & have vinyl/tape & CD versions of most Albums. I also have ‘On an island & all of Roger Waters (except ca ira) albums. Iv’e sen Him at the O2 & Manchester & would tryelly love to see Dave Gilmour. Love the sound he make’s on any guitar

      [I agree! I am very hopeful that a new album comes out soon! -SOF]

  2. Olá, companheiros. David Gilmour é o melhor! Gosto muito, mas muito dele mesmo; e espero ansiosamente por um novo Álbum. Por enquanto fico passeando nos “antigos” discos… 😉

    [ Hi Isaac! Welcome to the site and thank you for the post! I agree, Gilmour is amazing and I too am very hopeful for a new album. In the meantime, I am with you – jamming to the “old” stuff 😉 -SOF]

  3. Please!!! David tiene que girar en Sudamérica!!

    [I totally agree, Carlos!! While he is at it, he should swing by North America too!! -SOF]

  4. I’m 34 years and always heard Pink Floyd Thanks to the my brother who is 45, met David Gilmour in Paris and saw Roger Waters on September 21 at the Stade de France with my brother, it was a dream come true, however I have never seen David Gilmour live and give anything to see him play only one song, the one he wanted. Please David so more goes on tour and in Paris is all that I ask my God of Music I and my brother want to die in peace and that only happens if we see David and hear the magic he produces when playing a guitar.

    [Hi Sergio! That must have been an amazing experience to have met David in person! I am hopeful for a new album and tour also. Thank you for sharing! -SOF]

  5. tenho 37 anos gosto demuitas bandas de rock….falo do rock…..classico….e a principal banda…da minha vida é o pink floid especialment…o david….q para min é um genio na guitarrra, ecom sua voz suave….q conquista todos nós valeu genio…por existir…no mundo do rock….

    [Roughly translated] I have 37 years demuitas like rock bands speak of classic rock and the main band of my life is pink floid especialment the david. q to min is a genius on guitar, and his voice soft and conquer us all earned by genius exists in the world of rock ….

    [I agree, David is absolutely amazing! I idolize him. Thank you for commenting, please keep in touch! -SOF]

  6. Just want to let you know that the rumours about the recording projects are indeed true. I can’t tell you much, but David is recording as we speak. He’s got a couple of songs going quite strong!

    [There are certainly a lot of rumors about this, including supposed reports from staff or close friends, though Gilmour and his manager are keeping quiet. I hope you are right! Unfortunately, we do not have any official source confirming or denying a new project. Thanks for the input! -SOF]

  7. Its been officially confirmed on Neptune Pink Floyd’s Facebook Page that there will be a new album. The rumor I heard was late 2014, no clue if that’s regarding the release of the album or information regarding a possible tour.

    [Hi Drew! Yep, we caught the news the same time as Neptune. Out most recent post (David Gilmour’s New Album Confirmed?) outlines the evidence for it 🙂 Thank you for helping to keep us in the know!! -SOF]

    • P.S. He may have a new pedal on his rig.

      [Yep, Phil Taylor ordered an additional Effectrode Helios Tube Fuzz for David’s recording studio! Very exciting to hear what David does with this one – I suspect Effectrode will have their hands full with Helios orders very soon too 🙂 -SOF]

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